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Valérie Golinvaux +32 473 18 92 33
I first met Valerie in January 2003. She immediately impressed me.
We were building a boutique hotel in the Palmeraie area of Marrakech.
It needed furnishing and all soft finishes. To show our long held appreciation of her work, Valerie, in 2012, continues to provide interior design services to the hotel, the effects of which are widely applauded by our guests.

Valerie has that special eye for detail, both in the design and the execution of her ideas which I have found to be full of integrity and excellence. She is a capable communicator and persuader even of values, strong and long held, opening eyes to the potential for that even better design context in which we live and work.

Her knowledge is not only of design, but also her finishes, soft and hard, are applied and made bringing extra value to her input. That combination of design and knowledge of workmanship makes Valerie special.

Paul D Kentish
Director Paul Kentish & Co